Welcome to the official privacy policy page of (www) wheelchairway.com.

In this policy you will find all the information your need when it come to your online privacy.

Data collection

As any website online wheelchairway.com collects data from the visitors that interact with the website.

In my case it’s advertising, affiliate links, and analytics.

Because these are all third party trackers I have listed everything about these data collections that I have information of.

Third parties

The following companies are implementing data collection from my website with the following tools:

  • Google.com
  • Amazon.com
  • eBay.com
  • Clickbank.com



  • Google = Analytics.
  • Amazon = Affiliate tracking link.
  • eBay = Affiliate tracking link.
  • Clickbank = Affiliate tracking link.


I value and respect your privacy when you browse (www) wheelchairway.com. But I also have to pay my bills so implementing these tools are necessary.

For the analytics part I can ensure you that all the data is collected anonymous even your IP (internet protocol) address is intentionally broken up so that it cannot be traced back to you.

All affiliate tracking links are only storing a cookie in your browser when you actually clink on the link.

For the duration of these cookie I recommend visiting the cookie section on this webpage.


Security is the core function that (www) wheelchairway.com is build up on. The whole website uses the latest technologies that makes (www) wheelchairway.com fully static without using any database.

In addition (www) wheelchairway.com uses open source HTTPS dataline encryption.

This increases the connection security between your browser and my website. Plus it lowers the risk of URL spoofing or URL jacking.

This means the website is the most secure website that you have ever visited. The only downside you will find and that is the lack of commenting on articles.

But that’s the price you need to pay for a lightning fast and secure website.


Cookies that can be used:

  • Google = _ga | _gid | _gat | AMP_TOKEN | _gac_ | __utma | __utmt | __utmb | __utmc | __utmz | __utmv .
  • Amazon = amz.
  • eBay = EPN.
  • Clickbank = PHPSESSID.

Cookie expiration date:

  • _ga = 2 years.
  • _gid = 24 hours.
  • _gat = 1 minute.
  • Amptoken = 30 seconds to 1 year.
  • -gac_ = 90 days.
  • __utma = 2 years.
  • __utmt = 10 minutes.
  • __utmb = 30 minutes.
  • __utmc = browser session.
  • __utmz = 6 months.
  • __utmv = 2 years.
  • Amazon = 23 hours.
  • eBay = 24 hours.
  • Clickbank = 30 days.


Wheelchair way uses google analytics to monitor website behavior, health, and finding problem areas.

The analytics will collect the following data from your visit:

  • Bounce rate.
  • Entry page.
  • Exit page.
  • Time on page.
  • Type of browser.
  • Type of device = mobile, desktop, tablet.
  • Country origin (not exact location).
  • Broken links.
  • Page speed.
  • Popular pages.
  • Search frases.

Analytics data storage

All data that is collected via analytics will be stored for 2 months with renewal. This means all data will be deleted after 2 months from your last visit.

But will be extended with a new 2 months when you visit the website again before the first 2 months are expired.

Analytics data transfer

The analytics data will be transferred to the Google cloud servers in the United States. But Google repeatedly stated to honor the european data protection laws (GDPR).

While I hope that Google will keep this promise up till now I do not have the proper control to monitor if this is correct.

Data breaches

Wheelchairway.com is a static site with no databases or personal information collections.

This means there is no data to be stolen and therefore wheelchairway.com, owner and technical specialist is not obligated to report any data breaches because there is no database to breach.

Receiving data

While it very lucrative to buy leads (emails) online to advertise the website and product reviews that I do.

I like to keep my website and online business ethical like any real businesses with a fixed location.

To make this happen I the owner of wheelchair.com will NEVER buy, trade or sell any type of data.


Wheelchairway.com uses advertisements on the webpages to provide a extra source of income from the website.

This income is used to provided means to pay the bills and keep the lights burning and the server up and running smoothly.

The following advertisements are used on wheelchairway.com:

  • Propellerads.

Affiliate marketing

Wheelchair way uses affiliate marketing for generating extra income.

These income will be used to fund the hosting and domain name for the website.

In addition extra leftover income will be used to buy products from eBay, Amazon, or Clickbank for reviews.

Read my affiliate disclosure for more information.