Welcome to my affiliate disclosure page that is part of wheelchair way website.

I created this web page to be open and upfront with you that my website uses affiliate links.

It’s important to me that you know that I use affiliate links, and banners on wheelchair way.

On this affiliate disclosure page I want to explain why and how I use affiliate links and banners.

Let first start with…

To keep it simple, affiliate links are special links that are given to promoters and website owners.

This can be from other website and product owners.

When you the visitor clicks on the affiliate and singed up or bought a product.

I the promoter will receive a small commission from the total purchase.

You can see it as a compensation for the effort I put in to create content “review” around the product or service.

Keep in mind that the…

Visitor never pay’s the compensation

Meaning you only pay the price of the main order and not a cent more.

Compensation’s are payed by the website or product owner as a token of appreciation and effort.

Now that you know this you are thinking like, oh…

You are getting paid to say good things

Many people will think this way when they never did any affiliate marketing before.

It’s quite the opposite.

Good affiliate marketers write from their own experience and problems to help others.

In my case it’s wheelchairs and accessories because I am wheelchair bond for the past 16 years.

I write about my personal problems and link to products that helped me.

That includes good points and bad points in all articles that I do.

Nice and all to know but…

Is quite hard that is if website owners hide “cloak” affiliate links.

Hiding affiliate links is against the law so here is how you can spot my affiliate links.

“This web-page contains affiliate links”.

On every page that display’s clickable affiliate links will the above text be displayed.

By doing this you know directly that the page contains affiliate links.

Most important thing to keep in mind is that…

The quality will always be high

No matter if there are affiliate links displayed or not you always get quality information.

My main reason for creating wheelchair way is to help you, so commissions will never reflect on the quality.

It doesn’t change the fact that..

I highly recommend using my affiliate links to help keep wheelchair way free for everyone.

See it as buying me a coup of coffee.

You will be the one to decide if you use my affiliate link or not.


I suggest reading up on what affiliate are on the following websites.

Extra resources:

Wikipedia affiliate marketing

What affiliate marketing platform do I use

Is hard to say, while some affiliate marketers use only one or two.

Wheelchair way uses several marketing platforms so listing them will be nearly impossible.

That’s why the above text disclosure will be more appropriate for my visitors.

When the law changes and listing is required then revisiting this affiliate disclosure is recommended.

You will see a message when this action is required from you.

Wrapping up the affiliate disclosure

While I can keep on writing about the different affiliate marketing stuff.

I am sure this affiliate disclosure is extensive and easy to understand.

Understand that every action is up to you and I will never force you to do anything.

Now you know why and how I use affiliate links and banners on wheelchair way.

Thank you for sticking with me to the end I really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to check out my privacy policy if you like to know more about that as well.