Valentine is almost here and you are looking for gift ideas for the person you like, but you are unsure what to give him or her because they spend their lives in a wheelchair.

For me, a practical gift lasts longer than a random gift any day of the week.

To help you get started, I listed a couple of ideas and items that I’m sure that he or she will love.

Wheelchair bag

vertical wheelchair bag

One thing I don’t have in my wheelchair is storage space, heck I don’t even have a place to put my smartphone when I’m up and about.

For daily use, you can go for a simple vertical wheelchair bag that you can strap onto the leg rest. Great for fast and easy access.

Another great option is a fanny pack, in here you can store your smartphone, wallet, travel documents, and keys for fast access.

Gloves especially made for wheelchairs

Gloves are always overlooked, but they wear down extremely fast in a manual wheelchair.

Not only do they protect your hands, it will also increase the control over your wheelchair (especially on hot days with sweaty palms).

You can choose to go for the fingerless version for spring and summer, or you can go for the full finger version for fall and winter.

Smartphone case with fall protection

iPhone armor cases

Yes, a case to protect your phone. This is for me the best gift ever (wanna know why)? Because I dropped my $1100 iPhone out of my hands when my wheelchair slipped from his brakes.

I’m not saying that your wheelchair brakes will give out on you, but you can always drop your phone when you don’t have a fanny pack or storage space available.

For the iPhone’s:

For Samsung Galaxy:

Cushions for wheelchairs

wheelchair cushion

You can also opt for giving a seat cushion for valentine, I recommend this because cushions are the first item that wears out on a wheelchair.

This comes from all the sliding and wiggling around in one spot, when you decide to buy a wheelchair cushion please buy one that protects against pressure ulcers.

I use the Healthy Spirit gel core cushionon a daily basis. It’s great for more comfort plus it’s designed for pressure ulcer treatment.

Amazon gift cards

I know that the items I listed above suits everyone, when this happens the best thing you can do is buy the person a Amazon gift card.

This way they can browse the whole Amazon store themself and decide what to buy at a later date.