Living in a wheelchair limits the choice of restaurants you can use, especially when traveling abroad or to another city.

In this short article I will highlight the restaurants that you can use as a wheelchair user, all of these restaurants are located in Dublin and are listed as wheelchair friendly.

Today I will focus on restaurants for dinner. Of course you can visit these restaurants for other occasions, but most of my readers want to use restaurants for dinner.

The Boxty House

The Boxty House Menu

Boxty House is a traditional Irish restaurant with dishes packet with meat. There are menu options for vegetarians but the choice is limited.

One of their specialties is the traditional Irish stew called “Gaelic Boxty” which is filled with delicious Irish Beef, Irish Whiskey, black pepper and mushroom cream sauce.

I also recommend that you order traditional Irish coffee which is served with a shot of whisky.

You can find The Boxty House at 20-21 Temple Bar, Dublin.

For more info check their Yelp listing.

Rustic Stone

Outside view Rustic Stone

Rustic Stone is a new American style restaurant with a Irish Steakhouse flare.

The decor is stylish, warm with leather and wood, The service is very attentive, friendly, and quick.

Everything was very good, nothing mind-blowing, but a good restaurant for a fancier night out.

Their sister restaurant on Fade Street is not compatible with Rustic Stone, so if you like Rustic Stone don’t expect the same from their sister restaurant because you will be disappointed.

Pro tip: don’t snack too much because the food portions are very royal in size, Sign in to the restaurant WiFi, then check your email thirty minutes later for a coupon for free Prosecco.

You can find Rustic Stone at 17 S Great Georges Street, Dublin.

For more info and reviews you can check their Yelp listing.

The Church

Outside view The Church

Can you guess where the restaurant is located?… Yes, in the former St. Mary’s Church.

This restaurant must be on your bucket list when traveling to Dublin, because when was the last time you could say that you had a meal and drinks inside a church.

It’s very original with an amazing atmosphere. They even have a giant organ on the 2nd level.

The service is good, but not that quick….which is fine because it’s such a lovely environment. There is sometimes Irish entertainment but this can be canceled on short notice.

On busy days you have to wait about 40 minutes for a table so reserving a table ahead of time is a must.

Most visitors sit in the main hall, but I recommend ordering a gallery table where you can give the Gallery restaurant menu a try.

Better view and less crowded this way.

You can find the church at Jervis Street, Dublin.

For more information you can visit their Yelp page.