Traveling international or domestic from the “states” is usually handled by American Airlines. When travelling with in a wheelchair or with someone that is bound to a wheelchair you can get special help.

This special help is called wheelchair assistance, the name is the same for 98% of all international airports around the world.

In today’s article I’ll cover the important questions that my reader has sent me by email.

Does American Airlines charge for wheelchairs?

No, as of writing this article American Airlines does not charge you for wheelchair assistance, it’s recommended to ask for any fee charges when you order the wheelchair assistance.

All medical and mobility devices will be handled separately from your travel luggage, to avoid extra baggage fees.

Note: Some airlines (especially some Dutch airlines) have started to charge for hand luggage. Ask before booking if your airline is charging for hand luggage.

How to request wheelchair assistance at American Airlines

You can request wheelchair assistance via phone or via online form. I recommend calling American Airlines directly so that you can ask any questions or concerns you might have.

This easilier done by phone than typing online but that is just my opinion.

American Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number = 800-433-7300 (Reservations), Dial 711 to be connected through the National Relay Service.

For those who like to do this online you can request American Airlines wheelchair assistance via their online form.

Had any trouble on your last flight with American Airlines wheelchair assistance? Contact them at 800-892-3624.

DPNA code american airlines

The name DPNA stands for (Disabled Passenger with intellectual or developmental disability needing assistance).

This code will be added to your ticket when booking flights with a disability.

You can add the code “DPNA” in the free text-box area when your child has intellectual disabilities.

When the airline has converted and applied the code, the following departments will add special instruction for their personal.

  • Loading up first
  • Dinners served first
  • Situates before plane for getting off rapidly 
  • The specialists will likewise monitor the traveler each couple of hours to ensure everything is okay

American Airlines CPAP

Do you use your CPAP machine for sleep apnea or other respiratory problems and want to travel with American Airlines? Then this part is important for you to read through.

Advanced notification required to carry-on your CPAP?

No, you are not required to notify the airlines when using the CPAP as a carry-on.

CPAP machines that are allowed on airlines

All types and models are allowed on American Airlines.

Using CPAP devices on airplanes

You are allowed to use your wheelchair in-flight, you need to give the airline 48 hours advance notice and the CPAP device must be battery operated.

The battery must be handled and approved seperadly, just like any other battery you want to bring onboard.

CPAP machine as carry-on

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a CPAP machine is not considered carry-on luggage and does not count toward your carry-on quota.

American Airlines says: If space is limited, the device doesn’t fit in the cabin or if it isn’t required during the flight, it may need to be checked. It will not count against your baggage quota.

Doctor’s note or prescription verification

You are not required to bring a doctor’s prescription or verified document when traveling with American Airlines with your CPAP device.

While this is not required for American Airlines, I still recommend getting the proper documentation for any medication or medical dives because other countries you travel to may have other rules in place.