Best wheelchair cushion for pressure sores treatment at home [without insurance]

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When you spend most of your days in a wheelchair you’re bound to develop one or more pressure sores on your body.

Most early stages of pressure sores like stage 1 and stage 2 sores can be treated at home and without insurance.

In this guide I will explain to you what wheelchair pressure cushions are and which one you should consider buying when treating pressure sores at home.

What is a pressure relief cushion?

wheelchair cushion

A pressure sore cushions or relief seats are cushions that were designed to help distribute the weight of your body over a larger surface area.

By spreading your body weight over a larger surface area the blood vessels in your skin can then function more normally without having to deal with excess pressure.

Without a good quality wheelchair pressure cushion the chances of developing one or more sores will be 67.65% higher than with a pressure sore cushion.

So what pressure sore cushion should you buy?

Being confined to a wheelchair myself since 2003 I have used many wheelchair cushions, from very expensive ones to cheap chinese knockoffs I bought on Aliexpress.

I’m not saying that my ass has become an expert in testing cushions but there are cushions that I buy over and over again just because they do the job right.

For me there is currently one cushion that is comfortable and keeps the pressure sores away.

Healthy Spirit gel core cushion

healthy spirit wheelchair cushion for pressure ulcer relief

This cushion is currently in my fixed frame manual wheelchair anno 2020, it’s a 5 layer waterproof cushion with a dynamic gel core.

The reason I bought this cushion is because of the best reviews on Amazon and the price, my old Vive cushion cost around $60 and the Healthy spirit is $26.

That means, for the price of one Vive I can buy two healthy spirit cushions and they do the job even better than my old Vive cushion.

The healthy spirit is very soft and comfortable but not too soft so that it loses any support.

One problem I always had with my Vive is that the bottom would slip from the seating and cause me to fall out of my wheelchair. 

I really had a hard time getting back in my wheelchair when that happened.

Luckily the healthy spirit stays in place like it should, no more “heart attacks” for me.

Ok, these are all pros but what are the cons of buying and using the healthy spirit cushion?

To be honest, if you just buy the right size for your wheelchair then there are no problems I can think about.

Other buyers on Amazon keep posting positive reviews and the healthy spirit has received 0 negative feedback as of writing this article.

Amazon review score healthy spirit cushion

What about non-wheelchair users?

The healthy spirit cushion is a great option for office workers, truck drivers, and other people that have to sit for long periods of time.

Currently there are 2 colleges of mine that use the same healthy spirit cushion as I do. These 2 colleges have started using this after they were diagnosed with ulcers on their lower back and butts.

You can also use this cushion in lounge chairs, garden chairs, and other chairs that have a hard surface.

Brand or best reviewed

For me the brand name has very little impact on my buying decisions. What’s important for me is the experience of other people that bought the healthy spirit himself.

Ok, not all reviews are created honestly, so a bit of research and common sense can go along way when browsing sites like Amazon.

I hope this article was helpful to you, if you like me to create other articles around certain topics just send me a message via my contact page.